Monday, September 28, 2009

The Many Faces of Isaac

I am taking an enrichment class on photography and am learning so much about my camera and taking pictures. the teacher is an amazing amateur photographer in my ward. I have to bribe my kids to be my models and they get a little tired of it. However, my 7 year old cracks me up so I will let these pictures talk for themselves.
That's my boy!

Friday, September 11, 2009

This and That

I know that I have had no time to blog. My life is crazy. But I am feeling blog guilt and as a result I am going to post a few pictures to ease my conscience.

Evie is crawling. She is much happier but still has her grumpy moments. Boy time flies she is now 8 1/2 months old. The kids now think she is old enough to try to play games with. Brennen gets frustrated when she doesn't play by the rules. It is quite comical. She has lost most of her dark hair and is left with a comb over of sorts. She is such a cutie.

First day of school at the bus stop. Isaac is now a big 2nd grader. He is enjoying 2nd grade but not the nightly homework.

Jayne's first day of Kindergarten we walked to school with her new carpool buddies. Gracie from across the street and Tyler from Church. Jayne loves school and is learning so much. I miss her home everyday but I know she is thriving. I am so glad she is only gone 1/2 the day.

This is a picture of Brennen on the first day of preschool. He loves school and after starting two weeks after the other kids was ready to have his turn at school. He is enjoying his class and friends at school. He is also enjoying a playgroup of friends from church.

We are staying busy but again I will try to post something soon, but to be honest I still don't have much extra time. We will see.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Evie Four Months Old!

Time flies- I can not believe it has been four months. Evie loves toys now. Se is still trying to figure out how her hands work but she is doing much better. Her grasp reflex is great. She pulls my hair the moment I pick her up and I often find her pulling her own hair (and not too happy about it.) She also loves to bite, suck and chew on fabric (burp clothes, blankets, or mom's shoulder work just fine).
She has gotten much less fussy. She lets us comfort her a little better then in the past as well. She loves to stand up on my lap, and is learning to tolerate the saucer. She really wants to sit up but mostly just face plants into the floor. She does roll over front to back and back to front. She can also scoot with her incredibly strong legs. Especially when she is mad. She can scoot on her tummy or her back with her heels. Her arms don't do much yet. She moved a couple of feet the other day.
One of my favorite things about Evie right now is the fun noises she makes. She squeals with delight when she wakes up in the morning. She makes all kids of fun noises during the day. Her cry has also gotten louder and stronger. She can really scream when she is upset. I guess she feels the competition with her siblings all ready.This picture is of her first solids. I am hoping she will be happier with some real food in her tummy. Rice Cereal is yummy.
This picture sums up Brennen and Evie's relationship. They are a bit curious of each other but in a sneaky way. Brennen shows so much love for her and loves to give her kisses on her knee or elbow. The other day he told me,"Mom, she slimed me!" Sure enough he had spit up all over his hand. Jayne is not quite so shy about her love for Evie and Evie often is grumpy when Jayne gets too in her face or handsy. She loves Evie's chubby cheeks and is often stroking them. Jayne also likes to climb into my bed in the moring and wake Evie up. I don't love that since I get more done in the morning before Evie wakes up then the whole rest of the day.
We love our Evie and all of our kids and are looking forward to having some family time out of the house this summer. We will be in Utah this summer for a few weeks and can't wait to spend some time with friends and family.

A little Late-Easter Pictures

Our Easter Bunny came on Saturday this year so we could enjoy Easter morning with out quite as big of Sugar high. It was fun and the kids were hoping he would come again. LOL!
I don't have much time, but here are some pictures of Easter. Evie's dress is nothing special because we didn't decide to take her to church until that morning. It was nice to go to church as a family again, even if I spent most of sacrament in the mothers lounge.

I had to bribe Jayne to wear a flower in her hair. I paid her a quarter to leave it in through all of church. She did it and as soon as we got into the van she took it off and asked for her quarter. One day she will want her hair to look pretty. One day I will not be able to get her out of the bathroom but it would be nice if she let me do something with her hair now.
All my goofy kids. I love them more each day, and some days they make me more and more frustrated. I am really popular with them all at church now. They think they can sit and bug Evie if they are bored. It is frustrating. Oh well. All too soon it will be over.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

An End to Blog Silence-Evie's Blessing

I tried to add this last week but me and my computer and I were not seeing eye to eye, so it is a little late.
(Our Family the Day of Evie's Blessing)
After months of basically hibernating with my new baby and family, I have finally had a few events that are blog worthy. I will try to blog more frequently in the future (although I will not be surprised if there are times when it just doesn't happen, I do have priorities and blogging tends to be pushed to the bottom often). Evie is starting to get a little easier to manage. I still do not feel like I get much done, but she is happier more frequently than she used to be.
(Grandpa Rex Dalley, Jane Golightly, Evie Auger)

February 26th we packed our family in the van and drove till we reached my parents home in Heber City Utah. We had previously decided to bless Evie at my sisters home on the 1st but unfortunately Trish's daughter contracted the Influenza. So at the last minute we changed the blessing to Heber City. I felt bad for the long drive the Auger's had to make, but I think that the day was a success. (Grandparents George and Jane Golightly with Evie)

Evie looked beautiful and after being hysterical only minutes before the actual blessing, to my surprise, she slept through the blessing and several hours after. Long enough to be enjoyed by family from both sides. Les gave a wonderful blessing and we enjoyed visiting with family and friends some in which we hadn't seen in literally years. (Josh who returned from his mission to Guam in August and his Fiance Angella on Les's side. On my side my brother Tom and his family). We were also grateful to my parents Bishopric for coming to the blessing with little notice. For those of you who are not members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we typically gather(in church but I am paranoid of germs) to give our new born babies blessings by the power of the Melchizedek priesthood which was restored to the earth in this dispensation through the prophet Joseph Smith. I am grateful for the power of the priesthood and for a loving husband who is worthy and able to use his priesthood. It is a wonderful thing that brings peace and joy to our home. (Grandparents Jim and Chris Auger with Evie)

We were able to spend some time with many family and friends on our short trip. Megan and Laura stopped by on Saturday, while Les took Isaac to his first BYU/Utah basketball at the Marriott Center. Then more family time till Tuesday when I was able to arrange a short visit with Jessie at my brother's home-Thanks Rachel. We spent a couple of Days in Pokie before spending the night at Jenn and Brad's in Hyde Park-Thanks Jenn for everything, especially watching my 4 kids during the wedding.

Josh and Angella Auger were married on Saturday. It was wonderful day and a beautiful wedding. That night we stayed with Dave and Kierstin before getting back in the car for another 24 hours.

It was hard to have such a short trip. I have a long list of must do's when we go back in June. We appreciate everyone helping us out to make sure our trip was safe and comfortable. As of today no has gotten sick yet. I am feeling blessed.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Evie's Story and more photos

First of all, the pictures in the post were taken by my friend Holly. She is an amature but obviously very talented. I appreciatte her being so patient while we took these pictures of Evie. I will always treasure these pictures of our sweet Evie.

So this will include some details about Evie's birth. I had an appointment with my doctor on the 23rd of December. It was supposed to be my last appointment before my scheduled induction on the 29th of December. To make a long story short, I measured 3 centimeters smaller then I had 4 days before. the doctor told me I needed an ultrasound and they made me an appointment at the hospital center for an ultrasound. I asked her if I really had to have it, it seemed to inconvenient. She said," yes you really do"she was worried about the level of fluid. So I got the ultrasound and sure enough there was hardly any fluid. So the tech made me wait while she talked to the doctor. I went back to the doctors office and they told me to go to the hospital to start getting induced. I couldn't go home to get my half packed bag because their was an ice storm. Les had the kids and packed bags for them and packed he rest of my bag. It took Les two and half hours to make the less then 10 mile trip to the hospital . It usually takes about 15 minutes. I had my IV going and was started on pit by the time Les got there. The doctor had checked in with me but didn't break my water because Les wasn't there yet. I had an epidural and 5 hours later I had the baby. The doctor had come back about 9:00 and hung out at the hospital until she was born. She screamed when she was born but calmed down quickly. It was a bit stressful to be in the hospital over the holidays but everyone was pretty nice. They brought Evie to me in a stocking on Christmas morning. Our pediatrician even made homemade scones for the parents of the babies in the hospital. Wasn't that sweet. I thought people would be grumpy about working a holiday but most of the people were very kind about it. We brought her home and had some doctors appoinments the day after christmas and the Monday after. Evie has done great growing but still hasn't figure out night and day. I am not getting much sleep.
I wanted to say thanks to my friends Amy and Kendall who watched the kids over night on the 23rd. I also want to thank my friend Margaret who helped us get our cars home and Evie home on Christmas Day. Things worked out perfectly and we were so glad to have her when we did. My mother and sister came out which was very helpful. Thank you, and mom, I hope your feeling better. Kris took a lot of candid shots of her first few days of life, they are so fun to look through, and scrapbook. I am also grateful to my mother in-law who has come to help out while we are learning to be a family of four. I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for sending such a sweet baby into our home. I am also grateful she was healthy and that the doctor was aware that the baby needed to come that day and not wait till something bad happened. I am feeling so blessed.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Evie's Home!

Evie Cristine Auger came home on Christmas Day! She was born at 10:50PM on 12/23. She was 7lb 4oz and 21" long. Below a few pics of the new baby along with some pictures of Ike, Jayne, and Brennen enjoying Christmas